Memory Lane: win a trip to Billund

I am a bit of a collector. I like to collect things – random stuff, that does not make sense to anyone else.

Back in my ‘yoof’, I used to love picking up all kinds of LEGO pamphlets which showcased competitions and the models ranges that were available at the time – namely in the 1980s. 30-odd years later and whilst having a bit of a clear out of the attic, I re-discovered a load of these stuffed within an old St.Michaels bag (for those of you who remember, this was a brand from Mark and Spencer!).

Good things shouldn’t be kept hidden, so I will be looking back at this literature here on BF within our new section called ‘Memory Lane’. The same name is given to the vault in Billund by LEGO, where they keep all a collection of all the LEGO sets ever created!


So I will start off with this promotion from LEGO back in 1985.  The Airport (6392) and associated sets were quite something back then – the first time LEGOLAND actually introduced them at minifigure level and was a set I really wanted, but never got. (Well, at that age you tend to ask for everything, as I am finding out with my wee one as he does the same) This was the introduction of the seated planes which allowed it to have a pilot and passengers inside the aircraft.  Opening hinged access allowed this, and within the airport set you had those cracking runway baseplates as well as a wee terminal as well. Very, very interesting to note that set 3182 did not have any baseplates to create a runway, I think that this really short changes play value in today’s market place.

You could also add 6368 Commuter Jet, 6697 Oil Rig Helicopter and 6657 Fire Helicopter to complement it all. Lovely stuff. I have written many a time before, but this is the golden age for LEGO City nee LEGOLAND. I am gutted that we have not seen more Airport related items within the City range today surely this would be far more popular than Fire and Police themes that we have currently??

And keeping with the theme of flight, LEGO offered a massive competition prize – flying to Billund and LEGOLAND via Concorde! I mean that was huge……Concorde still is a very iconic aircraft. I have never been on it, however, driving to T5 at Heathrow on many occasion I used to see a parked Concorde within the BA hanger which always brought a smile to face. So what an amazing experience it would be to fly to Billund on that very aircraft winning a competition! That really would have been something to treasure for the rest of one’s life, I think.


So all that was needed was to spot the differences and complete the tie breaker. I do remember struggling to come up with the tie breaker and the one my Mum helped me with – was in hindsight – absolutely rubbish. Add to that I ensured that I sent the form off with two days to spare thinking that it will get to the top of the mail sack when it reached LEGO UK such is the logic of a child and if you are fan of Only Fools and Horses, I am sure that some of you will note that Del Boy did exactly the same in one episode when entering a competition.

Suffice to say, I didn’t win.

It is interesting to note that LEGO UK must have charted Concorde for the day as the flight leaves and returns on the same day. The flight time today is around 3 hours 40 mins, so I am sure that Concorde may have got them there in a third of the time.

it is interesting to note some of the promotions that LEGO used to run back in the day, and I can honestly say that by looking at those leaflets, it made me want to enter the competition and also buy the sets.

I very rarely see localised promotions in the UK like this anymore, but I do know in France that with the arrival of new sets, they like to promote in such manner.

I hope you like this little look back at nostalgia. I will be looking to write some more articles with the literature that I have collected over the years over the next few months.

Featured image by WhiteFang (Eurobricks)


My name is Keith and I am a AFOL. Currently an expat living out in Basel, CH, but have a firm footing back in the UK when time permits. I have had had Lego ever since I can remember - and only until my wee one came along have I re-kindled the flame for building again. I also run, a resource site for the 1-75 series of miniatures by Matchbox. There are only three themes that I am get/collect (finances permitting) - City, Creator (Advanced and Expert) as well as the classic Star Wars sets from Eps IV to VI (anything else does not exist). I also keep an eye in Europe with ample chance to see how France, Germany and Switzerland market and offer LEGO.

4 thoughts on “Memory Lane: win a trip to Billund

  • 21/09/2015 at 19:41

    I love vintage Lego, not just the pamphlets but the sets I love love love, in fact that airport showed in there is the first Lego I’ve ever had, and I still have it. Lego sets from 80-89 I like to buy or reproduced.

  • 21/09/2015 at 15:38

    The good old ‘Spot the Difference’. It was always the tie-breaker that stumped me.

    I wonder if anyone who won the competition is still into Lego…

    • 21/09/2015 at 17:54

      That be good to know, I used to love the LEGO booklets back in the 80’s stuff today are not a patch on the stuff then. The scenes they created were awesome 🙂

      • 24/09/2015 at 11:39

        I am going to be doing a few more for our new section here – I have a wealth of scanning to do, which is a bit fiddly and takes forever…………

        Keep checking back here on BF for updates.


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