Metal Gear Solid recreated using LEGO Worlds

A LEGO Worlds fan has created a brick based version of Metal Gear Solid.

YouTube user Craig Kelly has given the beloved video game Metal Gear Solid a blocky makeover using LEGO Worlds, recreating Shadow Moses Island. Comic Book highlighted this video, that Kelly has shared online to showcase his creation.

It took around 30 hours for the brick fan to put the location together, constructing plenty of details from the original game in this LEGO version. The painstaking facsimile covers the whole environment, right down to small rooms packed with detail. Those with memories of playing the game will get a kick out of seeing this brick recreation.

Kelly even provides a commentary about his creation, revealing that he put it together from memory.

It is not quite as polished at the Dark Souls creation that took the Internet by storm, but not every LEGO Worlds fan can be expected to live up to that standard. That video used post-processing to add an extra level of polish, and wracked up hundreds of thousands of views.

LEGO Worlds, the sandbox video game that inspires creativity, is available to buy on a variety of platforms.

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