Micro-scale LEGO Hogwarts set officially revealed

The LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Group has revealed their second model depicting the entire Hogwarts castle, and this time it’s a bit more affordable.

Releasing September 1, 76419 Hogwarts Castle and Grounds is a micro-scale depiction of the famous castle. The huge, 6,000+ piece version of the school from 2018 is, interestingly, also in micro-scale – but this new one is even more micro. The price of £149.99 / $169.99 / €169.99 looks high at first glance, especially for a relatively small micro-scale display model, but the set does clock in at 2,660 pieces, which makes the price look a lot more reasonable.

While the model isn’t the largest, this newest Hogwarts uses its high piece count to pack in as much detail as possible. It features tiny versions of several important features and rooms, such as the Chamber of Secrets, the Chessboard Chamber, the Potions classroom, the Whomping Willow, the flying Ford Anglia, as well as the Durmstrang Ship, Beauxbatons Carriage, and lots more.

The set also includes an exclusive minifigure in the form of an all-gold statue of the Architect of Hogwarts, which is a welcome addition. This style of micro-scale model isn’t too common in the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at lineup these days, but this set and the recent release of 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer suggest micro/midi-scale might be back on the menu. Hopefully, if there are more of these sets, they feature exclusive minifigures like in this one.

You can check out the set listing on LEGO.com, and let us know what you think of this set in the comments!

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