More Batman V Superman Sets Revealed

The Wall Street Journal has unveiled new images of the LEGO sets, releasing next year, based on Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice. The trio of sets are based on key scenes from the new DC movie, unsurprisingly they each feature Batman. The DC Comics sets are dogged with limited well known characters so are often very ‘samey’ and these new sets are no different. It doesn’t help that Dawn of Justice looks like another unconvincing effort from Zack Synder and that DC seem hellbent of creating multiple versions of the same characters across TV and cinema.

76044 Clash of the Heroes (90 pieces) includes Superman and Batman, a buildable Kryptonite bazooka with launch stick, and a rotating, exploding Bat-Signal.


76045 Kryptonite Interception (300 pieces) includes Batman and two LexCorp “henchmen,” a forklift for Kryptonite, and a Batmobile with two stud shooters and opening doors.


76046 Sky-High Battle (516 pieces) includes the Batwing with an opening cockpit, fold-out wings and rapid shooter, and Lex Luthor’s LexCorp helicopter. The five minifigures included are Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.




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