More details on LEGO VIP points ‘pilot initiative’ at Target

The LEGO Group has shared more details on how and why it’s bringing VIP points to Target, including whether travelling fans will be able to take advantage. 

The US retailer announced earlier this week that customers will be able to earn VIP points when buying LEGO in store and online, at a rate of one point per $1 spent. That’s far below the rate at which you’ll earn points when shopping at – where every $1 translates to 6.5 points – but it does mean you can double up with discounts not available through official channels.    

While this isn’t the first time we’ve been able to rack up VIP points through sources other than or LEGO Stores (My Nintendo members could claim free points last summer), it’s still a relatively rare opportunity. To claim points for your purchases, you’ll need to snap a picture of your Target receipt and upload it to the VIP Rewards Centre at

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According to the LEGO Group, the partnership with Target is a ‘pilot initiative’ by the VIP team, operating in a similar capacity to previous tests at a LEGO Certified Store in France. (Certified Stores typically don’t offer the chance to earn VIP points.) It will run for six months, giving US fans the chance to rack up VIP points at Target until January 31, 2023.

If you’re travelling to the US from another country, however – say, just across the border at Canada or Mexico, or from even further afield hoping to take advantage of Target’s discounts – you won’t be eligible for the trial scheme. The LEGO Group says it needs to ‘reduce the number of variables to be able to measure the outcome’, and redemptions beyond the US would ‘create a lot of complexity that may impact that outcome’.

That means only LEGO fans with a US VIP account will be able to redeem receipts from sets purchased through Target – but given this is only a trial, we could yet see the VIP program expand to other countries and retailers in 2023 and beyond.

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