More details wash ashore regarding rumoured LEGO Art set for 2023

Additional details have begun to emerge from the deep regarding a potential LEGO Art set rumoured for release early next year.

A recent report suggested that a new LEGO Art set based on a famous Japanese woodblock print may be arriving in early 2023. The rumour stated that 31208 The Great Wave off Kanagawa could potentially launch on January 1 with 1,810 pieces for $100, or more likely $99.99.

The LEGO Art set could be based on the artwork of the same name, which was created by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusa and can currently be seen in display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The same model is also ironically a submission in the LEGO Ideas second review round for 2022, although it’s highly-unlikely we’ll see two versions released. In addition, the report suggested that the model might be a similar 3D build to 21333 Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night, rather than the mosaic theme usually associated with LEGO Art sets.

LEGO Ideas The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Image: LEGOverwatch

An updated story from Promobricks has now revealed more details regarding the potential set, reiterating the model’s release date and piece count and mentioning a possible price point of €99.99. The latest report states that 31208 The Great Wave off Kanagawa will probably be roughly the same size as the original woodblock print artwork, with the main wave constructed from a mixture of 1×1 mosaic tiles and various large plates. The source also mentions that the LEGO Art model may feature an inscription (matching the same in the top-left of the original artwork) and a golden frame.

As usual, there’s been no confirmation from the LEGO Group regarding any such set, so do take this latest rumour with a big pinch of salt for now.

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