More info on which LEGO Ideas sets are coming next

Rumours are beginning to emerge around which LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Ideas sets will follow the newly-revealed 21327 Typewriter
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According to Instagram user 1414falconfan – who’s often been a reliable source of LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at rumours in the past – sets 21328 and 21329 will follow the order in which the Ideas platform approved the current list of 10K projects for production.

That means 21328 will apparently be based on Seinfeld, as per Brent Waller’s sitcom-themed submission, while 21329 will reportedly be the LEGO Group’s representation of Alex Storozhuk’s Home Alone House. Both of those projects were originally given the green light alongside Steve Guinness’s Typewriter in the third 2019 review.

LEGO Ideas Home ALone

While the LEGO Ideas team unveiled 21327 Typewriter
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just last week, we might not have long to wait for the next crowdsourced set. That’s because 1414falconfan also claims that 21328 Seinfeld (which may not be its final name) will go on sale as soon as July 21, possibly as a VIP early access release ahead of a wider August 1 launch.

21329 Home Alone House (or whatever its final product name ends up being) will presumably then launch later in 2021, should this rumour pan out. Given the seasonal nature of the movie it’s inspired by, a safe bet would be October or November – just in time for Christmas.

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