More Mandalorian, Clone Wars and Vader for LEGO Star Wars?

LEGO Star Wars could have more sets from The Mandalorian and Clone Wars in 2021, as well as a Darth Vader meditation chamber.

Further rumours for LEGO Star Wars summer 2021 sets have surfaced, giving possible insight into where the theme may head next, even towards the end of the year. This includes would could be this year’s UCS sets.

However, it should be stated that these are only rumours and any information should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made. 

These originate from YouTuber MandRproductions and are a list of sets and details that in some cases contradict some of the previous LEGO Star Wars rumours, such as the rumoured price list, and in other instances acknowledge and build upon previous reports.

Ryan starts off by mentioning an unsurprising potential inclusion – 75307 is supposedly the Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2021, coming in at 335 pieces at $39.99. This is immediately followed in the above video, though, by a more unexpected rumour, that the next May the Fourth promotional set will be based on the Tatooine Homestead that Luke Skywalker grew up in. 

Moving on, if Ryan’s list is proven true, LEGO Star Wars will take inspiration in the second half of 2021 from the recent television series released on Disney+. Based around the final season of The Clone Wars will apparently come 75310 Mandalore Throne and Vault, complete with Ahsoka and Darth Maul minifigures in a 147-piece set for $19.99.

Also from The Clone Wars will apparently be set number 75316, a Mandalorian Starfighter with Bo Katan, Gar Saxon (with unique helmet) and another Mandalorian minifigure for $59.99. Further to this will supposedly be set number 75314, based on the Bad Batch’s shuttle from the seventh season of the Clone Wars, with the full team of defective clones as minifigures and 969 pieces for $99.99.

There are also believed to be a trio of sets to tie in with the second season of The Mandalorian. The first of these would be 75311, based on the Imperial troop transport, with 478 pieces and four minifigures (including Greef Karga and a yellow-marked Mortar Stormtrooper) for $39.99. Meanwhille, 75312 is rumoured to be a smaller Slave I model with two minifigures and 592 pieces for $49.99.

Imperial Light Cruiser star wars

A third Mandalorian-themed set rumoured to be coming is 75313 Moff Gideon’s Imperial Light Cruiser for $159.99, including The Child, The Mandalorian in Beskar armour, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon and another unknown minifigure.

The list of supposed sets is then completed with the currently unknown 75319, and 75369, which is suggested by Ryan as another 18+ set and apparently focusing on Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber with minifigures for Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and Admiral Piett.

LEGO Star Wars fans should remember that this list is only a rumour and absolutely nothing is confirmed until the LEGO Group officially announces it. 

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