What if…more MCU characters had LEGO custom minifigures?

Take a look at these MCU characters getting their very own, unofficial custom LEGO minifigure design.

The LEGO Group’s recent release of 71031 Marvel Studios features 12 minifigures based on characters from Marvel’s recent television series: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…? However, no one from any of the extensive library of MCU movies is included in the collection.

To rectify this, LEGO YouTuber PotterMinifigPals has created her very own versions of her favourite characters, ranging from classics like high-school Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Homecoming to badass Okoye from Black Panther.

Each design gets its own drawing but isn’t made from actual LEGO elements. The YouTuber has put almost as much detail into her creations as the LEGO designers did to make the minifigures from 71031 Marvel Studios, down to minute accessories and traits.

Some of the characters have already been designed by the LEGO Group officially, such as Korg who features in 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard. PotterMinifigPals also tried her hand at some other MCU upcoming TV shows, including Ms Marvel from her eponymous series and Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye show.

Click on the video link above to see the designs in full, or check out our review of the official collectible minifigures from 71031 Marvel Studios.

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