More new LEGO polybags turn up at Wal*Mart

A selection of new LEGO polybags have turned up at WalMart stores in the USA.

As ever, new LEGO polybags have been trickling out over the year. Three as yet undiscovered sets have turned up at Wal*Mart in the USA, the Brick Fan reports.

One of the polybags is LEGO Creator 30574 Cat, a set that builds a fun feline with huge eyes and two alternative creatures too.

LEGO City 30369 Beach Buggy includes a minifigure with a surfboard, wearing a suitable t-shirt. As the name suggests, there is also an orange buggy to build in the bag.

Finally, 30366 Police Car is the latest tiny law enforcement vehicle with a female police officer minifigure.

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Each of the polybags is priced at $4.97 and can be found on LEGO Easter standees in Wal*Mart stores.

A huge number of LEGO City sets launched at the beginning of the year:

60241 Police Dog Unit
60242 Police Highway Arrest
60243 Police Helicopter Chase
60244 Police Helicopter Transporter
60245 Police Monster Truck Heist
60246 Police Station
60247 Forest Fire
60248 Fire Response Helicopter
60249 Street Sweeper
60250 Postal Plane Delivery
60251 Monster Truck
60252 Bulldozer Construction
60253 Ice Cream Truck
60254 Race Boat Transporter
60255 Stunt Team
60256 Racing Cars
60257 Service Station
60258 Tuning Workshop
60267 Safari Adventure
60270 Police Brick Box

Five new LEGO Creator sets also launched:

31099 Propeller Plane
31100 Sports Car
31101 Monster Truck
31102 Fire Dragon
31103 Rocket Truck
31104 Monster Burger Truck
31105 Townhouse Toy Store

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