More on LEGO Dimension story packs

The new wave of LEGO Dimensions content will add Story Packs to the list of things players can buy. Unlike level packs, Story Packs add on an additional six new missions into the game along with a new mini-fig and even a new design for the game’s portal. The  first story pack is  based on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, and featured a new reality-bending keystone that transports people to the same level but in an alternate universe, and each new IP will have a new keystone for players to take down.

Furthermore Arthur Parsons spoke to IGN (wont share video as they keep altering them!) and he revealed that both the Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them and the LEGO Batman packs will both be story packs. It will be interesting to see if either or both also come with a new portal facelift.

Also for Goonie fans we will be able to play not only as Sloth but the entire Goonies gang 🙂




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