Mosaic Maker just got a bit cheaper at the LEGO Store Berlin

The Mosaic Maker at the LEGO Store Berlin has had a seemingly permanent price reduction, meaning it’s now cheaper than ever to tile a picture of your own face.

According to Promobricks, the cost of the Mosaic Maker has gone down from €119.99 to €99.99. The photo booth-style machine, which was installed in the Berlin store in March 2018, captures an image of your face and translates it into a LEGO mosaic. You’re then given enough 1×1 plates to recreate any combination of monochrome shades that your face happens to throw up – 4,502, to be precise – and personalised instructions.

Okay, so it’s only really cheaper for fans who live in or happen to be visiting Berlin, but that €20 difference could be what swings it for you. Nobody’s going to make a trip to Germany specifically for the Mosaic Maker, but if you’re passing by, it’s worth knowing that you could grab a personalised mosaic without going into triple figures.

For comparison’s sake, the Mosaic Maker at the flagship Leicester Square costs £99, which is approximately €115.

During the Mosaic Maker’s launch at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, Head of Global Retail Innovation Martin Urrutia explained to Brick Fanatics, “it was very important that it was a unique LEGO experience, something that continues to have building, great fun and also the personal touch.”

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