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It’s a sunny day here in Sheffield so what better time to review a winter themed custom minifigure. have swamped us of late with one minifigure after another and I’ve got at least half a dozen left to review. The one I’m reviewing today is called Mr. Melty and he is priced at £12.95. He comes with special accessory, read the review to see what I thought about it.

Official Description

Cool dude Mr Melty has big dreams! He dreams of exploring beyond the LEGO City to live out his days in the North Pole. Unfortunately for him, his dreams are bit more seasonal than most and with a phobia of the sun you’ll likely only ever see him during the winter months, hatching a cunning plan to live out his dreams.


The minifigure comes in the excellent blister packet with cardboard insert. One thing excel at is their attention to details.  The blister pack and cardboard insert shows their professionalism. The insert had the render of the minifigure with all the detail you required on the back.


Once you are inside the packet you find the minifigure and a white piece of ABS plastic. This actually a custom element to represent a melted puddle and you can place his head on it. The head is double sided so you can have a happy or sad face. It would have been good if the actually attached to the head. if there is a way I’ve yet to find it. instead You simply place head on the plastic, I must admit I think it’s a nice play feature.


So the minifigure, he comes with a standard black LEGO had, as mentioned his face is double printed with a coal mouth and carrot nose. for me while I tip my hat for them trying the nose just does not look right as its to one side. I can see what they were trying to do but for me it looks like its been run over. The alternative face he has lost his nose and he is sweating which is good.  The body comes with an excellent printed scarf, with gray printing to give the torso some depth and shape. The legs are plain white.


It’s a good attempt at a snowman, what I do like is the melted puddle and the scarf printing. Because he is all white I felt he lack the detail other minifigures have and the carrot nose just does not work for me. However it’s not to say it isn’t a good minifigure and it can be added to your own collection today from for £12.95


Disclaimer: All our reviews are our own personal views, thanks to the for providing us with this minifigure to review.


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  • 13/04/2016 at 13:23

    We’ve been reliably informed that the Technic Pin 1/2 works to hold the head to the puddle.


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