New Angry Bird App tied with LEGO sets

Now I’ve not purchased any of the Angry Bird sets but I am looking forward to taking my daughter to the movie next month. Rovio Entertainment have really gone to town with movie tie-ins before their movie debut and yesterday in the states the company launched a new app game called Angry Birds Action!.

So what has a new App got to do with LEGO? well if you look on the LEGO set boxes there is a symbol on all size of the boxes. This is a scanable symbol called a “Birdcode” and unlocks special content in the game (think Nexo Knights app)

Rovio are also doing the same link up with McDonald’s, Pez, Walmart and more to spread this initiative, partnering with augmented reality technology Zappar. Even the movie itself will unlock bonuses if one uses the game to scan the end credits!

Here is the app trailer

News via Brickset


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