New Creator Expert VW Beetle coming this summer!?

This rumour is getting more and more solid as the weeks pass. What started as just internet gossip on forums has gained some traction of late and it actually looks like the next car in the expert line will be a new VW Beetle. This follows on from the VW Camper Van, Mini Cooper and Ferrari F40.

What we don’t know yet is whether it’s going to be a modern day Beetle or a classic Beetle. I’ve heard rumours that it will be based on Disney’s Herbie, which would be white with the number 53. This makes sense with the LEGO/Disney link up and I’m sure would help push sales of this iconic movie vehicle.

Here is the Herbie-style Beetle:



What we do know is Brickset pulls their database data directly from LEGO and have created a page with the following details:

  • Set no. 10252
  • Set name. Volkswagen Beetle
  • Pricing. $99.99 / 89.99€

I missed out on the 2008 model and just hope with modern building techniques its a damn sight better!


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  1. Woah i really hope so as i have been contemplating buying the original but the aftermarket prices are far too high to say the model isn’t exactly great.

    This new one will sit nicely next to my VW Campervan, Mini Cooper and Frearri F40

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