New LEGO book to explore the art of the minifigure

Another LEGO novel from Chronicle Books has been revealed, with the latest written record celebrating the visual beauty of minifigures. 

Amazon Japan has listed a new LEGO book from publisher Chronicle Books. The author, Brian Barrett, will be exploring the art of the minifigure in the tome of the same name. 

The Art of the Minifigure is listed for release on September 30 and a brief description of what to expect within the pages has been unveiled. 

LEGO the art of the minifigure

Builders can look forward to interviews (with the interviewees unknown at this time), photography, infographics, and never-before-seen visuals from the LEGO Group’s archives. Overall, it suggests that The Art of the Minifigure will be a more in-depth exploration of the plastic characters influence than LEGO Minifigure A Visual History which instead focused on being a comprehensive guide to their history. 

This is just the latest product that has come from the partnership between Chronicle Books and the LEGO Group, which has seen brick erasers and themed playing cards in the past. Unfortunately, no minifigure is listed as being included with the book which should at least lower the price of the novel. 

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