New LEGO Classic 2022 sets available today, March 1

LEGO Classic is back for 2022 as the theme’s first wave for this year has just launched, including a trio of mixed bricks to make monsters and more.

Whether you are new to bricks or are just looking to expand your collection of elements with a box of mixed pieces, LEGO Classic has you covered today as March 1 is the release date for seven new sets.

Four slots in the current LEGO Classic 2022 range are taken up by the re-release of baseplates in blue, grey, white and green with the simple elements ready to host your creations, custom modular buildings and more.

However, the other three LEGO Classic 2022 sets are 11017 Creative Monsters, 11018 Creative Ocean Fun, 11019 Bricks and Functions. The last of this trio seeks to educate you about the functions and features that LEGO designers use in other models. It may even be of some use to those who have experience with bricks thanks to the inclusion of printed piano key tiles.

LEGO Classic 11019 Bricks and functions organ

Here’s every new LEGO Classic set for 2022 that you can find on now:

11017 Creative Monsters
11018 Creative Ocean Fun
11019 Bricks and Functions
11023 Green Baseplate
11024 Gray Baseplate
11025 Blue Baseplate
11026 White Baseplate

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