New LEGO Dimensions packs discovered

With the second year of LEGO Dimensions well underway, there are still plenty more new worlds on the way. With Teen Titans Go!, Powerpuff Girls and LEGO CITY all confirmed, now there is a little more information on which licences will get which packs.

The Brick Fan has shared information from a reader on which packs will be coming in 2017. Teen Titans Go! will be getting a Raven and Beast Boy Team Pack. LEGO CITY will be getting a Chase McCain Fun Pack. Powerpuff Girls will be getting Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, but there is no information on how they will be split between packs.

A Lord Vortech Fun Pack is potentially on the cards too, but Allen suggests it may be a placeholder name. Of course if it does come to pass, it will be a completely original LEGO Dimensions character making it into minifigure form.



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