New LEGO exhibition comes to Gibraltar

Gibraltarian LEGO fans can look forward to a new exhibition this week, with Gibraltar Cultural Services organising The Creatives Exhibition with LEGO Bricks.

On behalf of the Ministry for Culture, the Gibraltar Cultural Services have organised the event to showcase the creativity and passion of fans to the rest of the overseas territory.

In April, the Gibraltar Cultural Services set a lockdown challenge and asked for any interested exhibitors who wished to showcase their creations as part of an exhibit. After considerable interest, the event has now begun, featuring a number of impressive builds including original creations and larger official models.

“Lockdown was a difficult time for many, and many were particularly creative during that time,” said Minister for Culture, John Cortes. “One of the ways that young and old alike passed time and expressed themselves was by the use of LEGO bricks. As a keen fan myself, ever since I was a child, I am particularly pleased that GCS is staging what I know will be a fascinating exhibition.”

Cortes also noted that this event was organised with permission from the LEGO Group, which helped design the posters promoting the exhibition.

The event is being held at the John Mackintosh Hall, where it will run until December 4. It’s open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and entry is free.

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