New LEGO Group CEO to continue focus on the brick

The LEGO Group announced yesterday that Bali Padda has been appointed to the role of CEO, making him the first non-Dane to be hold the prestigious position.

In an interview today with CNBC, he commented on the LEGO Group’s Danish heritage.

‘We are a Danish company firmly rooted in Billund, Denmark, with strong, strong heritage here in Denmark and that’s going to continue for us. So I don’t see difficulties along those lines at all.’

The new CEO also confirmed that the core business is the LEGO brick, although other aspects of the brand would also continue to be important to the company.

‘So my focus would be to continue to build the brick business, and (look at) how we can take it as a business further and further as we go along, and at the same time look at the movie business, look at the games business and see what can be done to help augment the brand and continue to leverage it.’


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