New LEGO Ideas Activity celebrates friendship

The latest LEGO Ideas Activity seeks photos of minifigures displaying friendship.

In the latest LEGO Ideas Activity, submissions are sought that show minifigures socialising. It is a photography Activity, that needs only a camera and a few minifigures to get involved with. Here is the official wording, with a few ideas to provide inspiration:

Everyone loves making new friends! Let’s see your Minifigures socializing. Could be your minifigures on a double decker couch, having a coffee or enjoying the outdoors together. You can even team up with a friend to show both of your Minifigures hanging out!

This is part of a new series on LEGO Ideas that gives little tasks for builders to get involved with – there are no prizes, they are purely for fun. Each challenge is intended to be something quick and fun, unlike the more in-depth building required for a competition or product idea.

The deadline for this photography challenge is September 2 at 10.00am CEST.

The last LEGO Activity asked fans to build something using only 20 bricks.

The LEGO Group recently announced LEGO Ideas Friends 21319 Central Perk, which will be available to buy from September 1.

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