New LEGO Ideas contest wants you to build art for the Billund Campus

There’s an incredible prize on offer in the latest LEGO Ideas contest. And to enter, you just need to get in touch with your inner artist.

The newly-launched competition calls on builders to show the Ideas team what art means to them. That’s a completely open-ended pitch, too – so if mosaics aren’t your thing, don’t worry about following in the footsteps of the official LEGO Art sets.

Instead, the only real requirement is that your model can be built in physical bricks. Most Ideas contests allow fans to build digitally, but there’s a good reason for the change this time: the five winning entries will go on display at the new LEGO Campus in Billund, Denmark.

That’s a tantalising opportunity all on its own, but the prize pool doesn’t end there. The winners will also each take home a complete set of any one series of LEGO Art sets. That could be four copies of 31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. Or it could be three copies of 31200 Star Wars The Sith (review). Either way, you’ll have a lot of 1×1 pieces to lay down.

The contest is open through November 3, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. EST. Head on over to the LEGO Ideas contest page to find out more. And if you need some inspiration, you can pick up the full range of LEGO Art sets at right now.

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