New LEGO Ideas Guidelines & TOS

Yesterday LEGO Ideas published their new project guidelines and updates as well to their terms of service. You can read the entire announcement on their blog by clicking here. Below are the main bullet points, have a ready and tell us what you think:

  • Once we produce a LEGO Ideas set based on a third-party property, we will not accept more Ideas submissions based on that property.
  • Projects must fit in a single product box, so we’re setting a part count limit of 3,000 pcs.
  • Projects must focus on a single concept or third-party property.
  • It’s now simpler to collaborate on projects
  • New restrictions on project contents
  • New guidelines to help improve project descriptions

Now the above and more have been announced the Ideas team will, Archiving projects based on third-party properties commercialized through LEGO Ideas, including Hayabusa, Minecraft, Back to the Future, Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, Ghostbusters, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, WALL·E, Caterham, Adventure Time, Beatles, and Apollo missions. Plus removing projects that don’t fit their new appropriate content requirements such as life-sized weapons or references to inappropriate third-party properties.



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