New LEGO jewellery and accessory theme rumours

Brick Fanatics has received information suggesting that LEGO iCreate will launch in January 2019 as a new jewellery based theme.

Fifteen years ago, the LEGO Group sought to appeal to girls with the Clikits theme. Brick Fanatics has heard rumours that a similar theme will be launched in 2019, with the name LEGO iCreate.

A mix of products will come under the theme’s umbrella, but they will not be minifigure or mini-doll scale. The main sets are expected to be bands, that can then be accessorised with LEGO pieces, some traditional and some specially created for the new concept. Two different types of bands will be available, with a regular assortment and also a blind bag version at a lower price point.

For those looking for a bit more construction, higher priced products will involve trinket and jewellery boxes that need to be built before they can be used. A key selling point for the range will be personalisation.

As was the case with previous product lines such as LEGO Games, it is likely that this will be pushed to retailers as a LEGO arts and craft product rather than a typical LEGO toy line.

All of this information should be treated as rumour until an official announcement by the LEGO Group.

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