New LEGO light products for 2018 revealed

Recreation – the distributor of LEGO lights the UK – has revealed the new products that will be released during 2018.

The popular LEGO light products that give fans the opportunity to own oversized minifigures and other accessories continues, with a few new products added to the range for 2018. At the UK Toy Fair, Recreation displayed a number of new LEGO key lights, and a few other new items, for the first time.

Several recently released key lights were on display, based on the LEGO Star Wars theme:

LEGO_key_lights_2018 (25)

Princess Leia, BB-9E, First Order Executioner Trooper and First Order TIE Pilot are all currently available.

LEGO_key_lights_2018 (5)

A new key light from the LEGO DC Super Heroes theme is Clark Kent.

Two new classic LEGO key lights that will be released later this year are the Hot Dog Guy and Banana Guy. These prototypes are unfinished, but give an idea of how they will look.

LEGO_key_lights_2018 (1)

Four new monster themed LEGO key lights will be available in time for Halloween – Vampire, Zombie, Mummy and Skeleton Guy. The finished products were not ready at the time of Toy Fair, so placeholder images were used.

LEGO_key_lights_2018 (22)

Lightsabers will be added to the Darth Vader and Yoda key lights later this year.

A new product type are these new lights with clips. They are the same size and designs as the key lights, but have a flexible strip attached to a clip. As this Batman edition demonstrates, they can be clipped to a shelf and then angled as required.

The LEGO Batman Movie LED Lite looks to be fun, an oversized lightsaber hilt in black with an oversized yellow stud on the end of it. It is the kind of product that crosses into the realms of role play, giving children the opportunity to be LEGO Batman.

The LEGO Group did not exhibit at the UK Toy Fair in 2018, so no product information on actual LEGO sets will be available until the Nuremberg or New York trade events.


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