New LEGO Minecraft sets now available at LEGO

Three new LEGO Minecraft sets are now available to buy from the official LEGO website, each including a desirable element for LEGO Minecraft fans.

The new LEGO Minecraft sets each include a new or rare mob (for those who don’t speak Minecraft, these are the creatures that inhabit the minecraft world) and are sure to be a hit with fans of the video game.

All three are now listed and available at the official LEGO website: 21165 The Bee Farm, 21166 The “Abandoned” Mine and 21167 The Trading Post.

21165 The Bee Farm

LEGO Bee farm

21165 The Bee Farm includes two minifigures and seven of the new LEGO Bee mobs. Both minifigures are exclusive to the set with one being a beekeeper in a bee costume and the other being a Villager with a strand of honey running down their cloak. The beekeeper includes a new elytra piece, making this set a must for LEGO Minecraft fans.

21166 The “Abandoned” Mine

LEGO Minecraft 21166 The Abandoned Mine 2

21166 The “Abandoned” Mine includes two minifigures – Steve and a Zombie – as well as a mineshaft build with a Spider mob. The most exciting part of this set would have to be the included Slime, a rare mob that so far has only been in larger LEGO Minecraft sets, making this by far the cheapest way to get it.

21167 The Trading Post

LEGO Minecraft Trading Post

Finally, 21167 The Trading Post contains two minifigures, a Skeleton, another Steve and an exclusive Wandering Trader. This type of Villager wanders the world with his two Llama searching for players to trade with. The Wandering Trader of course comes with his two Llama, a new LEGO Minecraft mob that is exclusive to this set.

Each of these sets are available now for £17.99 / $19.99 from and make a great gift for LEGO Minecraft fans, particularly with each one including a desirable element for LEGO Minecraft fans.

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