New LEGO Office will be ‘Global Gathering Point’ in Billund

The LEGO Group has been expanding quickly in the past decade, as the Danish town of Billund has seen. As the company is based there, a number of new buildings have been going up to house the ever-growing number of employees.

The new main office building will be particularly special, set to be surrounded by a public park and filled with a whimsical LEGO sensibility. This new building will include the LEGO People House, envisaged as somewhere that LEGO employees from all over the world can mingle with those based in Billund. The building is being designed to be more than just a workspace, as The News Market reports.

“We want a distinctive office building that clearly conveys the LEGO values, and which truly expresses the creative, innovative culture of our company. I am very excited that we can now present our vision for this new building, both to our employees and to the community,” says Claus Flyger Pejstrup, Senior Vice President at the LEGO Group, and responsible for the LEGO Group Headquarters in Denmark.


Architectural and environmental concerns have been taken into consideration.

The building will have an architectural shape to provide optimal daylight conditions for the total office space. Furthermore, the building is constructed to ensure low energy consumption and to enrich the structure with internal yet outdoor green courtyard areas.

This follows the recent opening of the open space office in London designed around modern ways of working, indicating that the LEGO Group sees this as important to the company’s workspaces.

Source: The News Market



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