Updated LEGO Pick a Brick service now live in four countries

The LEGO Group’s new Pick a Brick service – which merges the parts storefront with Bricks and Pieces – is now live in four countries.

Shoppers in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands will be the first to take advantage of the new experience, which is designed to harmonise and simplify the LEGO Group’s two separate methods of buying individual elements. It will also help to reduce shipping time in the US and Canada (when the service eventually rolls out in North America).

But while the revamped Pick a Brick brings the entire parts library together in one place, there’s still a distinction between two categories of elements: ‘standard’ and ‘bestseller’, each of which will ship from a different warehouse. That means you’ll need to order a minimum number of parts from each category to avoid handling fees, which vary by country.

As an example, the handling fee for standard parts in the UK is £5, while bestseller parts will incur a handling fee of £2.50. You can bypass those fees by ordering a minimum of £10 of elements, but that’s a separate minimum per category. If you order £20 of standard parts and £5 of bestseller parts, the £2.50 handling fee will still apply.

LEGO Pick a Brick 2022 pieces

Shipping fees, meanwhile, are linked to wider LEGO.com thresholds, so you’ll need to spend at least £50 in a single order to qualify for free delivery in the UK. That could be £50 spent entirely in Pick a Brick, or a combination of LEGO sets and Pick a Brick elements.

“Analysis has indicated that our current setup isn’t always the best experience,” the LEGO Group explained last month. “Differentiation between our Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces experiences isn’t always clear. This new merged experience will bring our portfolio into one place, with clear visibility on standard versus bestseller elements.

“Customers who place larger orders currently need to split their order between Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces. The new merged experience will mean larger orders can be placed in one spot, with greater visibility on delivery times.”

Head over to LEGO.com to check out the new Pick a Brick service. It’s set to roll out in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand later this month. The promised Pick and Build hub – which will ‘test and launch new experiences that enable creativity and fun’ – and online Build a Minifigure service are not yet live.

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2 thoughts on “Updated LEGO Pick a Brick service now live in four countries

  • 03/04/2022 at 13:08

    Just save them all up until you have £10 worth! I can see why they have done it, and whilst I’ve definitely ordered a pound or twos worth at a time in the past, I think it now counting towards any gwp and free postage more than makes up for it. Now the items no longer available are another matter…

  • 15/02/2022 at 21:47

    The service fee is astronomical. Having to pay an additional five pounds on my order for a handful of bricks that barely costs as much as the fee itself becuase they’re not “bestsellers” is so silly.


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