New LEGO Products info including a new game

Got a couple of new LEGO products to tell you about today. Firstly there is a new LEGO Game coming out based on the classic MB game Guess Who. The new game is called LEGO What Am I with set number 40161. The set was revealed online by Jays Brick Blog and was found at the Italian LEGO store.

This will be a brand store/online/LEGOLAND-only retail set and includes 536 pieces. Nothing else is known yet about the set but it certainly looks interesting.

Another snippet of news concerns yet another Star Wars set. This new set will be called the Rebel Combat Frigate and has been assigned set number 75158. This is based on the ship from the Star Wars Rebels show and, for fans of the show, it’s is rumoured to also include the Ahsoka Tano Minifigure. Thanks to Brick Fan for this snippet of news.


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