New minifigure flying in from

I can’t keep up with the team at I still have two of their recent products to review and this weeks sees the arrival of their latest creation….Amelia Brickhart.

The minifigure is created after the famous aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, this new minifigure is priced at £12.95 and comes complete with a map accessory, here is the official blurb; “Flying in to our collection of epic figures is an aviation superstar and female icon; Amelia Brickhart. She pushed herself to the limits and beyond and we’ve done just that with our Minifigure of her. Sadly her final flight was never completed and we’ve paid homage to her adventures with a highly detailed map accessory marking down what is believed to be her final flight path.

With detailed designs on the arms, face and double sided torso, this is one high flying minifigure that will look awesome in any collection.”

Add this to your collection today by clicking here.


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