New The LEGO Batman Movie characters revealed

More characters from The LEGO Batman Movie have been revealed, found in images on the LEGO servers. Bane, Mutant Leader, Polka Dot Man, Scarecrow and Two Face’s minifigure designs have all been revealed for fans to heck out. Two more characters have too – but these give away significant spoilers for the movie, so think twice about scrolling past this initial gallery.

Here are five new character designs from the movie, found on the LEGO server by The Brick Fan:


The following two characters have also been discovered, but give away what is likely to be a twist in The LEGO Batman Movie. Stop reading here if you want to go into the film completely fresh.

The inclusion of other franchises, notably those included in LEGO Dimensions, could be seen as a great genre-mashing bit of fun – or a sign of brand synergy taking precedence above creative choices. On February 10, 2017, fans will be able to find out when The LEGO Batman Movie arrives in cinemas.



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