Next LEGO Ideas set to be Tron Legacy Light Cycle

The result of the latest LEGO Ideas review has been announced, with Tron Legacy Light Cycle selected for release as an official LEGO set.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle is the only project from the first LEGO Ideas 2017 review that will be released as an official set. Eleven projects reached 10,000 supporters between January and May 2017, with only Tron Legacy Light Cycle approved for production.

The LEGO Ideas team shared a message for the fan designers:

Congratulations to BrickBros UK for their inspired design, which will officially become one of the next LEGO Ideas sets!

We can’t wait to see Tom and Drew’s Tron Legacy Light Cycle come to life in LEGO bricks.


Tron Legacy is the 2010 sequel to the fondly remembered Tron. Although the film received mixed reviews upon release, it was roundly praised for its excellent visual effects, unique aesthetic and Daft Punk soundtrack. The Light Cycle will be the second LEGO Ideas set based on a Disney movie, following 21303 Wall E.

The LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy Light Cycle will be released in 2018. The results of the second 2017 review will be published in 2018.

The current LEGO Ideas range is available at


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