Ninjago 2016 Official Set Images

Thanks to many retailers’ head offices as they prepare for their Christmas jollies, their IT departments are getting ready for the New Year a little too early, which, at this time of year often leads to the early posting of official product images. One such example of this are the official images of the new Ninjago Sky Pirates sets heading to stores in 2016 (or on Boxing Day in some parts of the world). Hoth Bricks have found images on the Amazon France website, which has posted several images of the new sets along with a couple of Ninjago-themed Junior sets. You can check out the images below as the Ninjago theme continues to impress with more great sets, that aren’t just older ones rehashed over and over again.

  • 70599 Cole’s Dragon


  • 70600 Ninja Bike Chase


  • 70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon


  • 70603 Raid Zeppelin


  • 70604 Tiger Widow Island


  • 70605 Misfortune’s Keep


  • 10722 Ninjago Snake Showdown


  • 10725 Ninjago Lost Temple



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