NINJAGO rooms debut at the LEGOLAND Hotel California

A new themed room is now available to book at the LEGOLAND Hotel at the LEGOLAND California Resort based on the popular LEGO NINJAGO theme. The rooms have an immersive theme, with brick-built models of elemental weapons displayed above the bed and a roomy children’s area full of LEGO models.

Attractions Magazine has provided a video walk through and shared details of the children’s section of the rooms:

Every children’s sleeping area is themed as a dragon’s cave where ninja dragons are waiting for battle and includes bunk and trundle beds. Plus, kids have their own TV, games, Lego bricks and a treasure chest hidden in what’s designed to be a bamboo passageway to the mountain temple. Parents will also sleep in ninja style as the king-size bed’s headrest includes a shrine that holds all four elemental weapons.


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