Nintendo Labo gets a LEGO make-over

The Nintendo Labo has been combined with LEGO pieces, for brick built gaming fun that actually works.

Nintendo Labo, the add-on for Switch that encourages users to learn through doing, has had a LEGO brick make-over. LEGO Designer Vimar Patel has put together the working accessories in his spare time. He has made LEGO versions of the piano, motorobike and fishing rod, all of which for the Joy-Con controllers for the ultimate toy-con.

The actual Nintendo Labo kit is full of cardboard pieces to modify the Joy-Con controllers, but given the option, LEGO elements are much more fun, not to mention durable. A little 3D printing has been used to allow the pieces to properly fit with the Joy-Con.

Compared to LEGO Dimensions, this fun home made design offers a genuine combination between physical LEGO bricks and video game action. Perhaps these are the kinds of concepts that the LEGO Group are referring to in the recent Play well report, that found children seeing no distinction between digital and physical play.

In order to recreate this, fans will need the Nintendo Labo kits, as they include the mini-games that the builds work with. Oh, and all of the requisite LEGO elements too…


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