No changes to LEGO Ideas threshold – yet

With an incredible 35 product ideas having made it through the second LEGO Ideas review period, the team has provided comment on whether fans can expect any changes.

In the latest LEGO Ideas review, 35 product ideas made it past the 10,000 vote threshold and are now under consideration by the LEGO Group for official product release. The prior review saw 26 qualify.

With this marking a big increase in product ideas making it to 10,000, fans have been asking if the number of votes required might increase or the timeframe in which they must be accumulated might decrease.

“We want to let you know that we’re aware that this increase is occurring,” says Community Manager Hasan Jensen in a new blog post. “We’re also aware that this significant increase has coincided with global lockdowns related to COVID-19. The effects of this global pandemic has driven people to spend more time at home and online, as well as finding LEGO Ideas as an outlet for all that extra time and creative energy. An outlet that has not only driven an increase in supporters but also submissions.

LEGO Ideas 2020 Review 2 results

“It’s too early to determine whether the trend will continue and we don’t want to make any snap decisions based solely on the effects of this global situation that we face. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect any fundamental changes to the way LEGO Ideas Product Ideas works in the near future.”

So no change is coming – for now. But longer term shifts are being considered, with the possibility of more LEGO Ideas sets being released each year:

“In the longer term, we are exploring several potential changes, not only to address the current situation, but also to continue our mission of realising more AFOL designs. When exploring these options, we are of course mindful of the decade-long journey and heritage of design collaboration with the LEGO Ideas community.”

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