Not 1 but 3 new series of Minifigures coming in 2016

This bit of news seems to have sneaked under the radar of most but our German friends Promobricks have reported that we have another 3 series of collectable minifigures coming in 2016. We currently on series 15, then in May Germany will get the exclusive German football team series (worth mentioning The Minifigure Store will be stocking these).

Then we will be getting a special series with not 16 but 18 minifigures in them. This lwill be the Disney series and is due around June/July. Then in the autumn we will get series 16 and back to the standard minifigure series. While no details were released at the toy fairs, Promobricks took photos of the boxes of the Disney and Series 16.

lego-minifiguren-serie-disney lego-minifiguren-serie16





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