Official LEGO Advent Calendars – December 1

Welcome to the first day of spreading some Christmas cheer as Brick Fanatics takes a look at the official LEGO Advent Calendars for 2016


The various CITY Advent Calendars usually focus on one of the major emergency services subthemes. The LEGO Group shows us this year’s focus immediately, with a pair of snowmen – one of who is wearing a golden fireman’s helmet. Basic but effective construction, a somewhat rare helmet color, plus three plain white heads mean a solid but not mind blowing model.


As the name of the theme implies, LEGO Friends is driven by the relationships between the various characters. It is no surprise that we get a mini-doll to start things off. This is a new version of Emma, though if you have as many of these mini-dolls as most Friends collectors then there is not enough different here to get too excited for.


This model is close to being excellent….but not quite. Boba Fett’s iconic Slave I falls short due to the awful front, with studs left exposed, standing out from the largely smooth surface. It’s definitely worth throwing a tile on there.


Each day, we will compare the three builds and pick the best.


Today’s point goes to CITY. While both the snowmen and Emma are not exceptionally exciting, the CITY model has desirable parts which pushes it over the edge. Had Slave I been that bit more polished it would have easily been today’s winner.

The scoreboard





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One thought on “Official LEGO Advent Calendars – December 1

  • 01/12/2016 at 22:04

    A pretty uninspiring offering from the City calendar. Though I guess I can add them to a corner one of the winter models…


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