Official LEGO Advent Calendars – December 23

Every day until December 24, Brick Fanatics takes a look at the gifts in the LEGO CITY, LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Friends Advent Calendars for 2016


The big day is approaching, so today we get Santa’s sleigh along with very good reason for our husky friend from yesterday. Apparently Rudolf decided to take the year off.


It seems an awfully big load for one dog to manage.


The Friends calendar provides our fourth snowman today, with a bit more detail than the City snowmen from day one.

advent-161Well this is a bit different, and feels fun. It seems to be a mashup of the Imperial Troop Carrier, which featured heavily in the first season of Star Wars Rebels, mashed up with Santa’s sleigh – what comes tomorrow will likely provide clarity.

Each day, we will compare the three builds and pick the best.


Sleighs can be a get a bit generic, so I am giving the point to Star Wars today for mixing things up a bit.

The scoreboard





When I was 3 years old my dad bought home 6659 TV Camera Crew as a gift — he had no idea what he had just unleashed. Three decades and no dark age later, I am still going strong. My love of LEGO led me to a career in Civil Engineering and I am now raising three budding LEGO lovers with my lovely wife who is, bless her, a huge supporter of my brick addiction. When not writing for Brick Fanatics or fulfilling my duties as the U.S. Editor of Blocks Magazine I enjoy collecting, MOCing, exhibiting, as well as running, climbing and home improvement.

4 thoughts on “Official LEGO Advent Calendars – December 23

  • 24/12/2016 at 19:30

    @ Robgorman2505
    Thanks for reading! I think you have picked the winning horse ; )

  • 23/12/2016 at 19:01

    Thanks, great reviews by the way, i’ve been following them daily. Go team star wars!

  • 23/12/2016 at 13:49

    I thought it was supposed to be one of those rebel supply hover truck thingys from hoth, like the one in the ucs hoth set. I may be completely wrong though.

    • 23/12/2016 at 18:05


      Ha, you might be right. Hard to tell at this scale but it does seem to match that color scheme better. I think you may have nailed it!


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