Official LEGO Advent Calendars – December 4

Every day until December 24, Brick Fanatics takes a look at the gifts in the LEGO CITY, LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Friends Advent Calendars for 2016


If you have collected sets in the CITY theme for any length of time, then today’s offering is something you own already. Behind today’s door is a a generic fireman – although he is clearly part of the fire brigade band as he is holding what seems to be a bugle.


It doesn’t live up to the official bugle element that was part of the Western theme in the mid 1990s, but it is constructed at least.


Today’s LEGO Friends build is some sort of decorative piece, including a candle and piece of holly. The firefighter from the CITY calendar would certainly advise against flammable greenery less than one stud from an open flame…


This Imperial Death Star Trooper does not have the most popular job in the galaxy, but someone has to do it. There can never be enough troops in a Star Wars fan’s collection, and this minifigure is relatively uncommon.

Each day, we will compare the three builds and pick the best.


Once again, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar has provided a hard to find minifigure, this version of an Imperial Trooper is still relatively rare.  The firefighter can of course be added to a CITY layout, the Friends build is suitably festive, but neither live up to the uncommon Star Wars minifigure.


The scoreboard





Additional note

The flap on the box says this is supposed to be an Imperial Trooper – but in this sample it was Endor Luke Skywalker. If anybody else has this issue, be sure to let us know in the comments.

I was able to secure the proper figure from LEGO customer service. If your calendar also includes the Luke Skywalker figure in error, contact LEGO customer service and they will rectify the problem. The relevant proof of purchase number can be found on the box (usually the proof of purchase is on the instructions).


When I was 3 years old my dad bought home 6659 TV Camera Crew as a gift — he had no idea what he had just unleashed. Three decades and no dark age later, I am still going strong. My love of LEGO led me to a career in Civil Engineering and I am now raising three budding LEGO lovers with my lovely wife who is, bless her, a huge supporter of my brick addiction. When not writing for Brick Fanatics or fulfilling my duties as the U.S. Editor of Blocks Magazine I enjoy collecting, MOCing, exhibiting, as well as running, climbing and home improvement.

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