Opening promotions for the LEGO Store London

A number of free-with-spend promotional items will be given away at the LEGO Store, Leicester Square, London when it opens on Thursday, November 17. Fans who spend £125 will get several free LEGO exclusive sets to help set a celebratory tone to opening of the largest official LEGO Store in the world.

Representatives for the LEGO Group have confirmed the information that has been reported by Brickset. The promotional items available will be:

  • Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament with a £25 spend
  • Scratch card – to win either Lester the minifigure or a Creator Parrot polybag with a £55 spend
  • 24 in 1 Christmas Build set with a £60 spend
  • 40145 LEGO Brand Retail Store with a £125 spend


So if you’re thinking of visiting the opening to get some goodies should start thinking about what £100+ sets are on your wishlist.

Brickset also report the following comments from the LEGO Group regarding the scratchcard method of obtaining Lester:

Regarding Lester, we love him and are super happy that he has been so successful as a mascot for our London store.

He was initially designed to use in print and other communication, but we are thrilled with his popularity, and excited that we are able to produce a limited number of special edition Lester Minifigures to celebrate the grand opening.

The scratch card is intended to be the fairest method of distribution to ensure that all LEGO fans in attendance get an equal chance of getting their hands on one.

If you can’t visit the LEGO Store London, then take advantage of the promotional items at the LEGO online store – by purchasing through Brick Fanatics affiliate links, you help support our work.


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One thought on “Opening promotions for the LEGO Store London

  • 20/11/2016 at 22:34

    Well that was a waste of time.

    The chances of winning Lester were very low and the 40145 LEGO Brand Retail was out of stock before the weekend.


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