Orlando Bloom’s curious daily life also includes LEGO

The somewhat unusual daily life of Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom also includes time spent unwinding with LEGO.

When he’s not admiring the beauty of cows or ‘dreaming up roles for minorities and women’ (really, read the whole thing over at The Times), the actor likes to unwind with some LEGO.

“During Covid, I started building LEGO again,” the  44-year-old told The Sunday Times Magazine’s Hannah Swerling, in an interview that for the rest of its content has generated a lot of perplexion online.  

“I dip in and out while I work. I build mostly cars and find this methodical nature of creating this little thing makes me feel like I’m achieving something else.”

The interview has drawn attention on social media for shining a light on some of Orlando’s oddities, including a very particular morning routine and breakfast, a unique appreciation for cows, and how he views his responsibilities whilst working on projects with Amazon.

Thanks to an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we’ve already seen some of Orlando’s LEGO collection, but we can’t help but wonder just how much it has expanded with the LEGO Group’s recent automotive offerings.

With the release of 10295 Porsche 911, it’s not hard to imagine that if the model hasn’t already found its way into Orlando Bloom’s collection, it will do very soon.

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