Our LEGO Stories explores the LEGO Foundation

The Our LEGO Stories podcast is back with another episode, this time exploring the work of the LEGO Foundation and the people it has helped.

The lengthy wait between instalments of the Our LEGO Stories podcast is over, at least for now, as the fifth episode has been released – themed entirely to the LEGO Foundation. For those unaware, the LEGO Foundation is a company supported by the LEGO Group where 25% of profits go towards improving the lives of children and learning through play.

Hosts Julie Foster and Loren Shuster return to interview guests Michelle Ndebele, Ula Bieganska and Doctor Gina Gomez de la Cuesta. Topics include what the LEGO Foundation does to develop and build social skills for autistic children and how learning through play and bricks help them to achieve their goals.

The process of learning through play is explained by Doctor Gina Gomez de la Cuesta including the roles that children can fulfil and how LEGO models and building can be integrated into it to nurture communication.

Our LEGO Stories is one of two official podcasts created by the LEGO Group, the other of which is themed to the development of LEGO Games, including projects being lead by fans.

The most recent episode of Bits N’ Bricks, which runs much longer than Our LEGO Stories, investigated life behind the curtain at Light Brick Studio and what is coming next from the creators of LEGO Builder’s Journey.

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