Oversized Leica III camera accurately built from LEGO bricks

A Danish designer has built an impressively detailed upscaled Leica III camera using LEGO bricks.

Milan Madge, after building a LEGO replica of the Leica III camera, took things to the next level and built a giant version.

The LEGO enthusiast spoke to PetaPixel about the challenges of building the camera:

“Cameras are a pretty interesting thing to build in LEGO,” Madge continues. “They are mainly lots of concentric circles, and LEGO bricks are anything but that. So it’s a great challenge, there’s a fair bit of maths involved.

“The hardest part for sure was the lens. Matching the radii and getting the LEGO bricks to line up whilst still staying in the LEGO System and making the thing strong enough to be handled was tough.”

The Danish designer and his friends are building other oversized LEGO objects, including more replica cameras.



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