Pac-Man eats his way into the third 2022 LEGO Ideas review

Pac-Man has a chance at getting a LEGO Ideas set as a moving model has made its way into the third 2022 review phase. 

Coming from LiteBricks over one year ago, a Pac-Man project has earned enough support to have a place in the third 2022 review. When this current phase ends, the judges will then decide whether or not this submission is suitable for an official LEGO Ideas set. 

The concept and features behind this build are similar to 80102 Dragon Dance, but the simplistic design works well for the look of the classic game. The project includes options for Pac-Man running away from the ghosts, chasing the ghosts, having just eaten the ghosts and eating pellets scattered around the level.

With the proposed additional accessories, there are plenty of options for displaying the moving Pac-Man model. Provided it does get approved, it could pair well with the recently released 10306 Atari 2600 as the arcade game was adapted for the home console. 

Here’s a look at every model in the third 2022 LEGO Ideas review so far:

Pac-Man Moving Display 
Castle Dracula 
This Is Fine 
Ancient Roman Temple 

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