Parent exaggerates the difficulty of picking up LEGO bricks

Apparently the best way to pick up LEGO elements from the floor is to use a product designed for cleaning up dog excrement, according to several excited articles.

While summer is famously the “silly season” for news, as journalists and politicians are on vacation, it never ceases to surprise just what can be categorised as news. The Sun, Yahoo and other outlets have picked up on a “Brilliant Kmart hack” for picking up LEGO pieces. That’s right, this “hack” is “brilliant”.

It turns out that bending over, or kneeling down, and picking things up is just too much like hard work. The solution is to buy an $8 “pooper scooper”, a took designed for picking up dog excrement. It allows the user to sweep the bricks into a receptacle while still standing, and then presumably poured back into the original container. Of course, whatever else the child has left on the floor will also get swept up, but this “hack” is “brilliant”, so just ignore that.

One person wrote in response to the “genius” who came up with this solution, “I use mine for LEGO and Nerf bullets”.

Brick Fanatics would love to hear from readers to find out if picking up LEGO bricks really does require special equipment, or if it is easier to just use the “life hack” of picking them up using the same hands that so the building…


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