Parting company with Blocks magazine

Blocks magazine is parting company with its Editor, Rob Paton, after more than two-and-a-half years together, and 33 issues.

Yes, I just wrote that intro in the third person. Official statement as follows:

Parting company with Blocks magazine

I would like to announce that I am parting company with Blocks magazine. My final issue will be Issue 38, due out in November.


After two-and-a-half years and what will be 33 issues under my belt as Editor, I feel that the moment is right to pass on the responsibility of running Blocks magazine to the next lucky individual. There are other ideas on the horizon that I would like to pursue* and there are other ongoing projects that I would like to dedicate more of my time to.


It has first and foremost been a pleasure working with everyone at Blocks, particularly those who form the core editorial team – Graham, Chris, Simon, Daniel and Laurie. From editorial support and expertise, to creativity and mastery of the brick, they are the reason that Blocks has been able to grow to its current position during my stewardship.


I have enjoyed everything about this opportunity – planning out every issue; taking part in every photoshoot, editing every article; talking to the many brilliant contributors and builders attached to the publication; being at every LEGO event I have attended; meeting every new AFOL who I have met; and of course working with everyone at the LEGO Group, including the excellent LCE team. I know that my successor will have much work to take on (I can complain about how much hard labour is involved in doing a magazine now, right?), but I also know that the world that they will be immersed in will make it so definitely worth it.


This has been an experience that I will forever be grateful for. It has brought me into the LEGO community and, after being so universally welcomed into it, I hope to remain an active member, at the very least through the work my team are doing at


Thank you to Blocks magazine for the opportunity you gave me, thank you to the team who have worked so very enthusiastically every month to deliver their very best, and thank you to every single reader, if you subscribed to every issue, bought just the Star Wars ones (I know who you are) or even picked up just the one issue. Your support has made Blocks magazine what it is today and will be the reason for its continued success going forward.


You’ll find most of my LEGO-related ramblings will appear on from now on.


Rob Paton


*No, I’m not leaving to start my own LEGO magazine.

I would like to apologise to everyone who I saw at Swindon’s Great Western Brick Show yesterday. I could not tell anyone this news until it had been communicated through official channels.


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