Police called over LEGO dispute during eviction

A 30 year old man called the police when he moved out of his parents’ house, as they would not allow him to retrieve his son’s LEGO bricks.

Michael Rotondo has recently become 24 hour news famous after his parents evicted him from their house, filing that the 30 year old had lived with them for eight years rent free and refused to leave the property voluntarily. After a far right conspiracy theorist gave Michael Rotondo a $3,000 cheque, he did indeed make arrangements to leave the property.

VT reports that when moving out last Friday, Rotondo had filled up a truck of possessions, before heading back into the house to retrieve his son’s LEGO bricks. Rather than allow Michael back in the house, his father Mark Rotondo insisted that instead he would find the toys. The evictee called the police.

“This isn’t a game show. I don’t have to guess what’s behind Door No. 1,” Mark told the website when explaining his actions.

The police did indeed arrive and the dispute was resolved.


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