Polish countryside cottage reaches 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas

There may be a chance to add European rustic charm to your LEGO collection as the House of Open Shutters qualifies for LEGO Ideas review.

A 24th submission has qualified for the next LEGO Ideas review as the House of Open Shutters reaches 10,000 supporters. The design, from lukasdata, better known as Lukasz Wiecek, is a model of a typical house from the Podlasie region of Poland, known as the Land of Open Shutters.

LEGO Ideas House of Open Shutters 2

The house, a homely, rustic design, features a cosy interior for the two included minifigures, with much of the interior being focused around a roaring fire in the centre of the room. The house, which has a removable roof to allow access to the interior, sits on a large baseplate meaning the building is surrounded by a large garden featuring seating, a well, plenty of plants and a fence that seems in need of repair.

The house also has blue and white shutters on each window which, we’re guessing, is a feature of houses in the area. The design is lukasdata’s first submission to LEGO Ideas, and becomes the 24th to qualify for the next review period. You can see the full list of 10k submissions in the list below.

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