Possible Toys R Us US comeback begins

Geoffrey’s Toy Box, the brand that the Toys R Us brand owners are trying to start up, has been spotted in the USA for the first time.

Since the collapse of Toys R Us earlier this year, the owners of the brand name have been working to establish a new version of the retailer. Geoffrey’s Toy Box is the name that is being used for what are expected to be branded toy aisles in other retail outlets.

Given the circumstances around the Toys R Us bankruptcy, the move has not been met with the universal approval of the toy industry.

The first Geoffrey’s Toy Box has now been spotted in a Kroger supermarket, as revealed on Twitter and reported by the Brick Fan. There are no LEGO products being sold, rather it is the own brand Toys R Us products that the retailer used to sell. Such toys were used by chain retailers to boost profits, as margins are higher on non-branded toys.

Geoffreys Toy Box

Other  Kroger stores in the Midwest are expected to also receive Geoffrey’s Toy Box displays in the run-up to Christmas, but it is not yet clear whether the brand will continue in 2019.

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